-        real protection against accidents, environmental damage and corporate loss.


-        maintenance-free service.


-        it’s special design prevents hose collapse and kinking, reduce premature hose failures, decreasing  the cost of hoses  replacement


-        reduce risk to personnel working under or near a hoisted hose.


-        offers fast implementation with no special tools.


-        manufactured to meet the standards of a comprehensive quality control program as well as the standards of independent regulatory bodies.


-        working range from -40c° to 130c°, ageless and hydrolysis free.


-        non- sparking, non conductive and static-free construction.


-        resistant to fuel, oil, jet-fuel, most of chemical and petrochemicals


-        slings are easily replaced when worn or damaged. 


-        sizes from 1 to 12  inches.





 Where do you use a hosesaddle?


SIZES 1’’ TO 4’’

fueling stations, hydraulic hose, bundled industrial hose, pumping operations, mines and theatrical power cables etc…. …


SIZES 6’’ TO 10’’

offshore dock hose, fish suction hose( reducing bruising dramatically), vacuum hose, material handling hose, food grade hose etc…. 

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